Custom Applications

We've developed applications for some of the most successful Fortune 500 corporations.

Text Analytics

Gain insights and meaning from your text data - customer feedback, medical records, social media, etc.


We build, publish, and maintain highly-profitable voice and chatbots for our clients.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

We are software developers experienced in Machine Learning. We specialize in Text Analysis and Processing to solve business needs.

Software Engineering and Beyond

Whether you are embarking on a new software project, or trying to rescue a failing one, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you. We have delivered successful software projects for some of the largest corporations in the world, including leading companies in the pharmaceutical, automobile, and airline industries.

Uncover Hidden Patterns In Your Text Data

Leverage insights from social media, surveys, medical records, and other text-based sources. We can help you draw actionable understanding of your text data, whether it lives in the cloud or in your servers.

Conversational AI and Chatbots

Enhance your interactions with both external and internal customers: Our Smart Interactive Agents are used in areas such as Conversation Commerce (e-commerce through voice and chat), Customer Support, Education, Finance, and Health.

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Are you looking for a technology partner who can help you with Software Development? Are you trying to make sense of the mountains of text data generated daily by your customers? Would you like to augment your workforce with state-of-the-art chatbots? We can help!

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